About A Safe Home Cleaning Service

We are a small company with a large vision.

A Safe Home Cleaning Service was formed as a result of two massage establishments going out of business abruptly in the same year and my being left unemployed. I began to question the Creator as to what I could do that was consistent. The answer came very quickly. It was "dirt". Three to four minutes later as I was driving I saw a Forest Green Van that said,"Cleaning", licensed, insured and bonded. This was rather humorous. I thought about how consistent dirt can be and how it settles upon furniture, etc.

I came home and let "my fingers do the walking" through the business telephone directory and came across a very inspiring person who had been in the cleaning business over 25 years. I was already using environmental friendly products and doing organic gardening and even have 2 beehives in my backyard. All of these things gave birth to my company- A Safe Home Cleaning Service.


1.To one day have various cars on the street with my logo and to give some of the companies that use chemicals some competition.

2. To employ high school kids and college kids during the Summer who have financial aid scholarships to help the students defray the cost of their tuition.

3. To make and sell environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Rebecca Adams, President,
A Safe Home Cleaning Service
Chicago, IL


Living Green

"We all need to reflect on our life style and start a way that avoids waste to ensure a better future for our children and our planet. We need to devote ourselves to conserving national resources. People from all walks of life, government officials, business leaders and journalists need to join hands and work on cleaning up the environment. We need to remember the 4Rs: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYLE AND REPAIR!" -- Rebecca Adams

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