What our clients are saying about us . . .

Rebecca and her crew are very thorough in their approach to cleaning our home and business. My wife and I run a B&B and live in the house as well. We are always receiving compliments on how clean and fresh everything is, not only from our guests, but we enjoy it as well.

She is always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in her approach to cleaning and has introduced us to new ways. She is very flexible with scheduling as we never know much in advance when we need rooms turned over, but she is always able to fit us in.

Rebecca and her team are a very integral part of our operations and we look forward to many more years of our association.

Bob & Susan Patrick
Cat’s Cradle B&B
7421 N. Sheridan Rd.
Chicago, IL 60626


"Rebecca brings tranquility with her to my house. She does everything that's needed, and does it well, and does it with a calm and generous spirit.

Anne Heider

"I have searched through the years for a cleaning service that would use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products as well as a company I could trust in my home. My search ended this year when I found Rebecca. Rebecca is dependable, thorough, flexible and pet-friendly. I have engaged Rebecca for ongoing bi-monthly cleaning as well as special jobs; she came and cleaned after I had home improvement work done and I returned from a trip to a clean and fresh home. I love coming home after Rebecca has worked her magic and especially love that I am not concerned about potential VOCs from the cleaning products. I am more than happy with Rebecca and her service and recommend her highly.

L ... of Evanston

Rebecca has been cleaning our home for the last year. She is responsible, hardworking, friendly, trustworthy and flexible. We always look forward to coming home after she has been there because the house looks great and we are greeted with a scent of a clean home. With a new baby in the house, I really appreciate that she uses non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. My husband can’t wait until the weeks that Rebecca comes and definitely agrees that it would be hard without her!


"I have been using A Safe Home Cleaning Service to clean my condo for over one year. Rebecca is very pleasant, takes pride in doing a great job and is completely trustworthy. She is very accommodating with her scheduling when I need to request a date change. I’m always very pleased when I arrive home to a clean apartment. Thank you Rebecca!


"Thanks again for cleaning yesterday. The apt looks and smells great. and I keep discovering more things that you did. You took care of the pink mold in the bathroom! I am so delighted."

Thanks and blessings,
Kyla, Chicago, IL

My wife and I have been using A Safe Home Cleaning Service since its beginning, and we have been very satisfied with Rebecca's services. We find her very thorough, and reliable. She leaves our house with a sparkling look to it as well as a pleasant scent from the natural cleaning products she uses. As a police officer I can say that I have peace of mind leaving our home in her hands.

Stan and Flora P.
Chicago, IL

"I have known Rebecca Adams and her work since the summer of '07. She is a top professional - on time, on budget, tidy and efficient.
Her work is spotless, thorough and careful. She goes the extra mile
when you need it and is always most pleasant. She will leave your
house looking, smelling and FEELING clean from the bottom up! and . . . a bonus, she brings all her equipment with her!"

Deborah Sobol
Chicago, IL.


"My husband and I are extremely happy with A Safe Home Cleaning Services! The service and quality of the work is excellent and we highly recommend them to all of our friends. We also have pets and allergies so the environmentally-friendly products were a necessity for us."

Chicago, IL


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca and can say that she does a tremendous job. She always manages to find spots to clean that I would never think of. I love coming home to the wonderful smell of a spotlessly clean house. I would never give her up!!

Teresa Saxton
Chicago, IL



Living Green

Several  things to think about:

In 1989, the Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA) came to the conclusion that indoor air carries a higher risk for personal exposure to toxic chemicals than out door air.

Where is this indoor air pollution coming from?  Lots of stuff, new carpet, paint, plastics, pressboard and natural  gas.  The toxic cleaning products we touch and inhale are also one of the many sources of unfriendly chemicals we have brought into our homes.

Disposal of hazardous household products is becoming an increasingly expensive problem for many municipalities.

Municipal landfills often contaminate local water and air, thus breaking federal laws that attempt to conserve our national resources and keep our water and air clean.  A landfill once labeled by the EPA as an environmentally damaging superfund site requires expensive clean up.


There are many products on the market today that are safe or only mildly toxic.  But you should know that there are many cleaning products that are not.  Now don’t get depressed-there are alternatives www.cleanhousecleanplanet.com  Some cleaning products have a higher concentration of particular chemicals and carry more of a hazardous chemical effect. 

List of bad chemicals:

Alcohol, Ammonia, Bleach, Butyl cellosolve, Cresol, Dye, Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Glycols, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrofluric Acid, Lye, Naphthalene, PDCB s (paradichlorobenzenes) Perchloroethylene, Petroleum distillates, Phenol, Phosphoric acid, Propellants, Sulfuric acid, TCE (trichloroethylene)

From the book "Clean House, Clean Planet" by Karen Logan and on her website at www.cleanhousecleanplanet.com  where you can sign up for free recipes


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